A Lesson For All Mothers

“Don’t eat those sweets or your teeth will go bad,

Don’t cry now love, when you’re old you’ll be glad,

Cos you don’t want all your teeth to fall out,

Now come on dear let’s not scream and shout.


You have lovely teeth and you’ll want to keep THEM,

Don’t risk it on sugar love, come on be a gem.

You can have just 5 smarties, but you keep the rest,

Im thinking of you –  now stop being a pest!.”


Oh dear mum what sound advice you gave,

When thinking of me, even though i did rave.

For i cried and i sulked to get me some sweets,

But you stuck your ground – no sugary treats!


So it’s quite ironic now – all straight and no fillings,

I needed a brace but there were no drillings,

No drillings for me because i listened to mum,

So why do i sit here now with my mouth all numb?


Well sugary snacks will rot your teeth yes,

But my brace left my gums in a bit of a mess,

No fillings, no rotting and very straight too,

But it looks like i’ll lose them, before i’m 42!


It’s my gums you see – they’re disappearing

It’s happening now – everything you were fearing,

So to other mums who have worries the same,

Just give them the sweets, save you going insane!

copyright to Tracy Shave


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