A Good Person At Heart

I collect empty jars,

I keep them just in case

i’m forever losing things

and falling flat on my face.


I collect boxes

cos you never really know

when you need to house foxes

it could happen – don’t throw.



i like to have clutter,

it makes me feel safe

there may be jam in the butter

but anything else makes me chafe.



i don’t like order

well not very much

its that opposite disorder

and i like it as such.



I’m disorganised for sure

some say i’m a mess

i could do with cleaning more

yes that at least i’ll confess



but that’s just me

its what i’ve become

and it’s the person you see

trying not to be my mum.


cos I’m a creative thinker

but i’m also quite smart

yes i can be a stinker

but a good person at heart.


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