I’m done with this!

I’ve tried the diets, the weighing in,

I’ve thrown all the handbooks in the bin

Cos they all have a habit of doing the same, 

Most of all they tend to drive me insane. 



People say “oh you don’t look that big”,

When i’m thinking that i look like a pig,

And when i’m shovelling food in my face

I think that a troth would do nicely; be ace.


The free food, points and the food plans

I’ve had enough of assessing the fat on the cans

And carrots are “free”, i binged on those instead,

Til my wee turned orange and i got a light head. 


I need to eat less, do some exercise, 

Need to stop eating pizza, chips, all the pies,

I need to sort out why i eat this way

Stop the worry and stress about how much i weigh.


I want to feel healthy both inside and out,

SO STOP EATING CAKE i can hear you shout,

And i would if the food didn’t make me feel good

Before the guilt sets in and I think could, would, should.


Don’t eat chocolate til i’m told “Dont do that!”,

I don’t want pizza cos i know i’ll get fat,

But put me on a diet and I’ll want it all more

I think if i had to, I’d eat food off the floor.


I’m a yo-yo eater this i have to confess

My wordrobe is full of 10 to 18 size dress,

I’m done with all this, and I can sort out this stuff,  

Cos with Body Gossips help i know I’M GOOD ENOUGH!

3 thoughts on “I’m done with this!

  1. This poem has been sent into Body Gossip so until I know if they are going to use it it will remain password protected. If you really want to read it let me know. x

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