There’s Always One….

An apology is where i should start,

I haven’t burped or let out a fart,

But this poem may have the same effect,

Of awkward emotion at the subject.


It’s not my fault you have Leannda to blame,

I did ask on facebook a topic to name,

There’s always one that has to take it too far,

There’s going to be one that’ll lower the bar.


In all of my life one word makes me twitch,

It’s the word that you hear that starts you to itch,

You may want to skip this, take my advice,

Cos the subject she chose was to talk of head lice.


It’s started already, I’m scratching my head,

and it’s all I’ll be doing when I go to bed.

Leannda chose the topic of headlice and sex,

So perhaps she has crabs “go to the doctor for checks! “.



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