Creative Genius

Cardboard boxes, kitchen foil,

Be very careful not to spoil,

With paint, sticks and sugar paper

Put it all together with a glue scraper.


Useful today for I was given a mission, 

So as not to crush my sons ambition,  

To the cupboard I rush beneath the pots and pan,

Cos my quest is quite simple – turn him into tin man.


I found a funnel which will do nicely,

Cover in foil, hold with string precisely,

The body was made up of an old box,

The one i keep, if we have to house a fox.


An hour passed and I’m back at the school,

with Tin Man and Jamie smiled, said “cool”,

And now I’m chuffed, my idea was ingenious  

He’s lucky his Mum is a creative genius!


Photos of said tin man will follow! 😀





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