Shout and Whine Time!

{Michelle suggested I did a poem about jamie so here it is.}


Jamie, dear Jamie, you are my lovely son,

and boy do i feel grateful that i stopped babies at one,

you drive me to distraction every morning before school,

and i come home  feeling knackered, well that’s the general rule.



I can’t do right, it’s all gone wrong,

you tell me that you don’t belong,

and I just want  to get to school on time,

but that’s the problem, that’s my crime.



oh jamie, dear jamie, handsome son of mine,

do you really have to start the day- shout, shout, whine?

You tell me that I’m nasty, that I’m an awful mum,

I just want you to have a future, oh smack me on the bum!



We have this every bloody day

then you get there, you’re fine you say

but I get home and I’m far from fine

so now it’s my turn to shout and whine!


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