A Random day…

{I asked people on facebook to come up with a random word – the first thing that came into their head. The words in BOLD are the words they came up with – thank you facebook friends! šŸ˜€ }


It’s really quite a privilege

to own a tv set,

and jamie gets to watch winnie the pooh

on the Internet.


Eating Mr Kipling cakes,

I relax into the chair,

to watch thousands strike,

they have the right,

cos they’re not treated very fair.


cookies too I like to munch,

candy or sweets and that’s before lunch!

a reciprical choice when weight is a factor,

was when tesco agreed to deliver on a tractor.


and while I used to call up papa john,

our divorce is underway,

it’s the tv set that makes me eat,

but it’s loganberry pie for me today!


I know this is all a bit random,

so i’ll go and let you be,

Modnar is random backwards you know..

but it’s all gravy to me…


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