Chris Pegley- the grumpy old git

It has been said and not just a bit,

that my boyfriend Chris is a grumpy old git.

He’s got socks that state it – that’s just what  they say

But they were from the ex for fathers day,

I can’t see it really, cos he makes me smile,

and i miss him a lot, when he’s gone for a while.


He doesn’t do grudges or getting in fights,

and we talk about putting the world to rights.

A grumpy old git? well this can’t be,

He’s always quite smiley when he’s with me,

and I’ll laugh at his jokes, but there is a limit,

I’ll let him know when they’re bad, i’m very explicit.


Grumpy old git? I don’t think this is so,

Tubby one yes, but grumpy git no.

but perhaps what I see isn’t quite chris,

He is always occupied with his mouth as we kiss,

so maybe, just maybe, under that beard,

he’s something quite different, something quite wierd.


Perhaps as he leaves his persona changes,

people are met with just grumpy exchanges,

Or perhaps he is just misunderstood,

for being bad when he’s really good.

cos he does moan , whinge and shout,

about this government – who do need a clout.


If he does this all day I could see why they’d think

that he’s quite grumpy and needs a shrink,

But If we were there, we’d have it sorted,

we’d chuck out the plans – get reforms aborted.

We’re a good team, he and I – we could do it,

then no one would call him a grumpy old git.








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