Oh facebook what would we do without you?

Our lives have gone virtual, we’re out on the net,

most “friends” are not actually friends that we’ve met.

we log on and scroll the status updates we look,

cos now we’re in the world, the world of facebook.

Friendship is easy cos theres no need to phone,

we don’t have to call up and hear our friends moan,

Cos you update your status it’s all over the screen,

And you’re forever adding photos – please keep them clean!

We’ll spend hours online

sitting wasting our time

when we really could be out at the zoo,

but we must read on

to see where you’ve gone

Oh Facebook what would we do without you.

Yes facebook what would I do without you?

would i be stuck to my computer like glue?

would I still burn the dinner and the pots and pans?

the result having to eat food straight out of  cans?

Would I get on with the work that I’ve already started?

would I still do everything else so half hearted?

Would I look at the time and swear cos I’m late?

Would I still do all these things cos it’s these things that I hate.

But Without you I can’t keep up with the news,

or sit and express my political views,

I may have lost friends over strong worded debate,

But I’ve also made new ones who I think are just great!

I use it to campaign on a cyber platform,

And that way I protest while still being warm,

but really quite truely I should get out more,

I can take it on my phone and get out the door!

I do think I’m addicted to facebook – it’s true,

Oh facebook what would I do without you?


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