I’m Not Bloody Four!

My name is Tracy and I’m 36,

so when you know me please treat me like this,

I’m no buttercup and I’m no pickled egg,

when you started to do this, thought you were pulling my leg.


Being called Sausage Pie – it’s really not me,

or pigeon, or cup cakes, but this you can’t see.

I tell you to stop but you do it some more,

because you seem to forget that i’m not bloody four!


I’m no baby cakes, I’m not your baby girl,

being called names like this – I just want to hurl,

and I asked you to treat me more like a grown up,

but you think that I’m four and I want to throw up.


I told you please don’t, please call me my name,

or at least something else that won’t drive me insane!

It sounded quite sweet when to someone whose small,

but to me, in the same tone – it drives me up the bloody wall!


Its not sweet or endearing it’s a pat on the head,

but you couldn’t see that and do something instead,

I HATE being called Bubba, Luva, and more

because I’m really a woman and I’m Not bloody Four!







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