Love Coma

I feel like I’ve emerged from a really long sleep,

Like I’ve been under a spell and under quite deep,

my eyes have been blind, like I’ve developed glaucoma

but now I see clearly because I’m out of this Coma.


The Love Coma can last a few years, a few days,

it leaves you spending hours walking around in a haze,

you can’t think, you can’t sleep cos your brain just can’t function,

a permanent state of discombobulation.


Its a shame we don’t notice this zombie like state

until we split up and see it but then it’s too late,

Your friends have been left, forgotten, discarded,

Turn the laptop on and your mailbox’s bombarded.


You feel all alive, so it’s real easy to think,

that it must’ve been wrong to put us so out of sync,

But as the Love Coma wears off the silence gets loud,

you realise the cost, the loss, that coming out allowed.


You have so much energy – and it really feels good,

you start to do all of the things that you should,

You go out on the town cos it’s been just so long,

You decide on big knickers and you ditch the thong!


You start to catch up on whatever you’ve missed,

while you’ve been in your coma and surrounded by mist,

and you think – this is great, what had I been thinking?

Let’s gather the girls! start the party, start drinking!


It doesn’t last long, this post love coma state,

and you start to come down at a miraculous rate,

It’s the high that you feel after something quite tragic,

then it hits you at once that you’ve lost something magic.


It’s off to the shop for the vodka and ice cream,

and a box of tissues to let the tears stream,

Pretty Woman on repeat, shopping spree on the card,

but we’ll get through cos we’re women – and women are ‘ard!




















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