Queue Fraud?

Basket only, 10 items or less,

Self-scan tills, they cause all sorts of stress.

Standing in line, has the ice cream thawed?

Should I be at this till – is this really queue fraud?


I’ve noticed a can that I hadn’t counted,

and now two more – my baskets amounted!

Should I put some back, do you think she has seen?

cos it’s 10 items or less and now I‘ve thirteen.


I start to count up all the baskets in front,

but not one of them is pulling this stunt.

They have just enough, 10 items or less,

and I start to panic, to worry, obsess.


Do I put them back, or move to that till?

Do I just stay put and try to chill?

If she says something about it, will I laugh or shout,

but really and truly I need to chill the f**k out!


I’m not going to prison, it’s hardly a crime,

but this foolish behaviour does make a good rhyme.

It’s all in my head so the concept is flawed,

cos really there’s no such thing as queue fraud!

Is there?


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