When TWO bounce sheets don’t do it

While talking just the other day,

I made some fun of my mum and her way,

How she likes to switch the kettle off first,

More control in a way and not for her thirst.


We also did chuckle about how she will watch

As the washing machine finishes off the wash.

And I started to talk of how different we are

Well you only have to see the mess in my car.


Cos she is so tidy; my house is a mess,

But I have the potential to switch to obsess,

she turns off the kettle, and scrubs at the floor,

I step over toys – cos he’ll only tip more.


She’ll stay and watch the machine wash her clothes,

And will have them out quick before a crease shows,

but I’m more relaxed and I tend to forget,

that I’ve put washing on,  so they stay there all wet.


By the time that I’ve realised the washings like rock,

and the smell of the mould hits your nose with a shock,

I know they are ruined and I’m REALLY in the shit,

When two “bounce” sheets on tumble just don’t do it.


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