In The Hospital Waiting Room

I’m waiting, and waiting but nobody’s come,

I need some pills for my poorly tum.

They’ll be here in a sec I wrongly assume,

Sitting in the hospital waiting room.


The elderly woman, the boy over there,

With nothing to do it’s hard not to stare.

I’ve read all the signs, even picked up Hello,

But I’m fed up of reading about Cheryl Crow.


Two hours have passed and still no sign,

Of a nurse with my pills and I feel less than fine.

So I get off my arse and find me a nurse,

Cos I fear that this pain is getting much worse.


In the hospital waiting room here I am sat,

I’m starting to cry so I feel like a pratt,

and I’m feeling scared and all alone,

I’m also bloody starving and could do with a scone!


A bit of relief comes in the form of a scan,

And I shuffle along like a little old gran.

This is the highlight of a day full of gloom,

Then it’s back to the bloody waiting room.


Eight hours I’ve been here and still no word,

So I go to ask the nurse if she’s heard,

Nothing surgical but I need a bed to stay,

So they can make me wait more? – I say no way.


So off I go home with pain killers galore,

cos theres no way I’m waiting here anymore,

I’ve got to get home to my son instead,

Although I quite like the thought of food served in bed.

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