What I love about you.

I really love your girly laugh,

how you love to help me in the bath,

The way that you want to wash my hair,

But I guess as you’ve none that’s only fair.


I love your hugs when you hold me tight,

How you make me feel all through the night,

How you look at me when you think I’m not looking,

The way you laugh at my idea of cooking.


I love our loquacious times together,

how you’re often searching an app for the weather.

how you make me feel like a beauty queen,

how standing next to you I can still feel lean.


I love that you read my silly rhymes,

that we already have a bank of our own “old times”,

All those years of random meetings by chance,

how fate must have been playing and making us dance.


I love how you see all my good inside,

how you look at me with your eyes full of pride,

The way you think I’m a creative god,

and have never minded that I’m a little bit odd.


I love your knowledge and useless facts,

All those VERY long jokes and your silly wise-cracks.

How to you I’m the sexiest woman in a room,

although often the other is really the broom.


I love the way you’re creative with words,

and how you’re joining us and the comic nerds,

how I’ve found someone else with a love of spaced,

that you’re “tubby one, you are,” with the large waist.


I know I can go on, and on, and on,

and I’ve a feeling my readers have already gone,

but I hope YOU haven’t given up for a brew,

cos I thought you should know what I love about you.



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