Sink or Float?

My IF: SINK Illustration inspired this poem and can be found below or :

The boys from school

were talking one day,

wondering about fish

each having their say.


Then the question was asked,

Do they float or sink?

What happens when they die?

They went quiet to think.


Josh and Billy decided,

they voted for float.

So sure they were right,

that they started to gloat.


They insisted they knew,

yes they had all the facts,

But the others got bored,

and went round to Jacks.


Not too bothered,

they went home too,

And Josh had to run,

Cos he needed the loo.


When Billy got home,

he started to cry.

Billy had been wrong,

Fish DO sink when they die.


His goldfish had gone

he was flat like a plank,

as he lay at the bottom

where he’d sank in the tank.

IF: SINK Illustration for this poem:


5 thoughts on “Sink or Float?

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  2. Sad but true! Cute poem and illustration – I keep fish, and while I don’t get attached to them like I do the furry pets, it’s never a happy day to find one has sunk.

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