Fairy Post – Illustration Friday – FORWARD

FAIRY POST: I used to love receiving handwritten letters when I was younger. I read that some writers are trying to revive this and I’d like to join them. The feeling you get when you receive a letter, even as a child is amazing. If you have a child who you think would like to receive a letter from a fairy then email me at tracy.shave@mouldingfutures.co.uk with your address. If there is something your child is worrying about add that, or if they are having trouble with something add that too. Plus add some details that will make it unique to them (favourite soft toy, colour, etc) and I’ll create a handwritten tiny fairy letter which they recieve in the post with a fairy-made wand! They will also be able to reply. xx
This is my february creative challenge. I’d like to do one a day and send them out on Fairy Fridays so they get them Saturday.
Please donate to my Just Giving page to help raise money for Great Ormond Hospital by following http://www.justgiving.com/Tracy-Shave as a thank you. I drew this image for the new website but it also works well as this weeks illustration friday post FORWARD…

One thought on “Fairy Post – Illustration Friday – FORWARD

  1. I wrote one for Bluebell (Chris’s daughter) who was having trouble settling at night and it made her weekend! we made fairies together and she made a card to send back to the fairies who live in her room. (they did apologise that she never sees them though – that’s because they only come out when she is asleep!). Bluebell was very please with her letter from Pinky Pink the fairy.

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