The Beginning of a Dream

I was going to write a “normal” post,

when I thought it needed more.

I’ve not written any rhymes for months,

too ill and on the floor.

So why not now? Is what I thought,

I even have a theme,

I wanted to tell you all about,

The Beginning of a Dream.


T’was a year ago I had this dream,

at Hylands House Estate,

At my studio there, which I really loved,

but was getting home quite late.

The rent was high, the hours long,

And childcare – don’t get me started!

Then I had a lightbulb above my head,

and I packed up shop and parted.


I didn’t want to travel miles,

waste money on rent and fuel.

So what about my garden here?

A log cabin would be cool!

I looked online for garden sheds,

and found the perfect place.

I measured up the garden too,

and discovered we had space!


I asked permission, they said yes,

So it really could come true.

And while I waited patiently,

My kitchen would have to do.

The table that’s my studio desk,

But the kitchen is a squeeze,

And to eat in the dining area,

we have our dinner on our knees.


A year of painting in my kitchen,

my table’s glued and splashed,

My whole house is now my studio,

And somehow the dream had crashed.

Forgotten, was the log cabin

and the space it would create.

Tucked away inside my head,

One day… but it’d have to wait.


Now I look outside the window

And my mouth begins to smile.

It spreads right across my face,

And goes on for ‘bout a mile.

Because this weekend with lots of work,

From a very loving team,

My dad and Chris have started

The beginning of my dream!

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