ATCs – The very addictive world of Artist Trading Cards

I recently entered the world of ATCs. Never heard of them? Well they are miniature works of art you make on card 2.5″ x 3.5″ that you then send away to complete strangers… (it’s a strange world) and complete strangers send you theirs. My partner looks at me, rolls his eyes and shakes his head often – more so since becoming addicted to this new aspect of my art.

“So you make stuff, send it away and get other people’s stuff back?” – well, yeah it’s not that hard to understand really… and as I send miniature tiny letters as a fairy to children, you’d think he’d be more accustomed to my strange and wonderful ways by now.

What probably confuses him is the fact that I find it quite difficult letting go of my artwork. This is why I rarely sell anything (because of course, if it wasn’t for this everyone would want my work…. hmmm); I really don’t like to let it go unless I am making something for someone as a gift that is.

Even though I have TONNES of work to do (ah… now we get to the bottom of it… it’s an excuse to procrastinate more!), I keep signing up to ATC groups.

This was my first attempt at ATCs which was produced for the Yahoo Group UKATC

This is a UK only group (hence the name), and you have a partner swap once a month that everyone has to take part in. Other swaps are up to you. There is no theme for the monthly swap but you have the option to join other themed groups.

Another group I have joined is the yahoo group called Mixed Media ATC_UK – and you’ve guessed it; this one is for Mixed Media ATCs in the UK… ingenious really.

This was one I did for Mixed Media ATC_UK when the theme was Butterflies.

I really enjoy it – other groups I have joined are and also one on FACEBOOK.

Yesterday, I came across Swap-bot… what a great website!

Swap-bot is a portal for anything swapy. This means you can send people letters, postcards, cards, all sorts of things. It can be a bit confusing and I fear that I may well be broke soon from all the postage costs, especially as quite a few are international. BUT I control (although is there any control in addiction?) which ones I sign up to and the lovely people of swap-bot have placed a limit on 5 at a time… yeah… they know!

So, I’m off to make some Postcards and ATCs for swaps that need to be done by Monday….. you should try it – makes your post far more exciting!

They won’t be looking through hard drives in years to come but I bet photographs, artwork, postcards etc will be hard to come by – which means we will be the ones building history books in years to come…. (think about it).

Sign up and have a go! It’s really FUN! We like FUN!

4 thoughts on “ATCs – The very addictive world of Artist Trading Cards

  1. I have actually just finished my first ATC ever(: It was a lot of fun and I hope to be as good as you someday.

    Swapbot love comment blog(8)

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