Illustration Friday : TEACHER

This weeks theme for illustration friday is TEACHER so I decided to do a watercolour of the sketch from my Sketchbook Limited Edition book. This is of course my Grandad who I believe inspired me, taught me, and was the best teacher I ever had. He made me feel like I could do anything with my art. He was an amazing artist and I am one of his pieces of artwork too. Sadly he passed away in 1993 but I recently had his signature, taken from one of his drawings, tattooed on my foot, just like a painting.


9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday : TEACHER

  1. You are such a wonderful and talented artist! It certainly is a great tribute to your grandfather and I’m such he’s so proud of you (:

    This picture speaks so much to me. One reason being I am a teacher and I hope that through my occupation, I will be able to inspire and teach my students not just the content required for the exams, but the values and skills in life.

    mag // swapbot

    • Thank you so much!! x I’m sure you will inspire many with your teaching – I think patience and understanding are what my Grandad oozed… He just made me feel like a star – always, with every wink accross the room and with every smile.. miss him so much.. x

  2. That is so cool and very nice work. You are. Very talented I’m sure your grandfather was very proud of you(:

    Swapbot love comment blog(8)

  3. This is so sweet! He sounds like such a wonderful man. My pampa (grandpa) was so warm and wonderful too, but he died when I was only 4 or 5 years old so I barely remember much about him. I just remember he made me feel really happy. 🙂 Grandpas are so cool.


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