I’m in a Magazine!!!! *Grins from ear to ear*

Oh Yes people this month I have got myself published in an online magazine called Sprout. When I found out that the theme for september was Playfulness I had to get in touch and see if editor Amanda Hall would be interested in what I do. She most certainly was, both with the Giggle Together work that I do and also my bright and cheerful artwork.

This month is just full of joy and silliness and I was honoured to be included along side such wonderful artists – including THE Violette Clarke author of Journal Bliss (which I have a copy of!). I’m a huge fan of Violette’s work, I love her bright colours and her tutorials are just so inspiring. I hope that my new videos are going to inspire people the same way that she inspires me.

Sprout magazine is full of colour, inspiration and joy – every issue. With Amanda’s artwork brightening up every page this publication is nothing but special. You’ll get your creative juices in a frenzy reading this and you’ll be on the hunt for a sketchpad to get all those ideas out of your head.

Get your copy by clicking on this image below:


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