The Ultimate Blog Challenge – DAY ONE

With all the work I have to do this month, my procrastinating brain decided to sign up for *in dramatic film voice-over way* The ULTIMATE Blog Challenge! Ah yes – why of course it would. I already write 750 words every day on the (cleverly named) so why not develop them into appropriate blog posts eh? Don’t mind if I do…

I blame my friend Harriet Stack – it was her post that I saw which made me decide to take up this challenge. Harriet embarked on her own challenge this year. Instead of putting on a lavish party for her 50th birthday, not being a large party kinda gal, she found another way to make this year one to remember. She started a list of 50 new experiences she wanted to have this year. She decided THIS year, 2012, would be the year of saying YES! to opportunities.

This quest led her to one of my workshops earlier this year. Held at WHOOSH! in Chelmsford, she came along to the “Creative Giggle Workshop” I designed for the organisation I run. Now this wasn’t the sort of things she would normally do – BUT because of her 50th year she took the “hell YEAH!” approach and booked up. You can read what she thought of the workshop in her blog post Smile, Laugh and Play.

As fate would have it – we had already met. She had no idea that I was behind the workshop (I do hope she would still have come had she known…:D) and we had worked together years ago. In fact the last time I had seen her my house had just burnt down and I had lost everything. I was (understandably) an emotional mess at the time and our boss had politely told me that he thought it was better for me to go and get a job “stacking shelves or something” until I sorted myself out. Of course I didn’t know then that I was actually carrying a baby as well so our paths had forked at probably the most meaningful year of my life.

It’s been a real pleasure getting back in touch and I’ll post about another experience we shared in another blog. For now though, I am holding her responsible for my joining this new challenge! THANK YOU Harriet!! And I actually mean that most sincerely. You INSPIRE me!


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