UBC Post – DAY TWO – What IS UBC?

What is UBC? Ultimate Blog Challenge – that’s what it is. AND? Well… bloggers take on the challenge to write 31 blog posts in the month of October. This can be one a day – or you can do a few in a day to catch up – when you have a brain like a sieve, as I do, and forget a day. OR you can just write lots all at once and schedule them to publish on certain days. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as you complete 31 blog posts in the month of October.

Why? I hear you ask – (with my terrific super sonic hearing).. Well, my friend, I shall fill you in: Signing up to the challenge give you some accountability for a start. We all start blogs with the intention of filling them up with helpful and interesting information – or maybe just random thoughts – anything that you just have to get out into the world. BUT if you are anything like me you’ll end up getting on with other things and before you know it a year has passed since your latest post. I have this problem with my handwritten journals. I started to notice that every entry started with the same line : “I can’t believe it has been so long since my last entry. I am definitely going to start writing in this more often!” then the next entry would say the same. I’d have to write so much just to fill myself in (because ultimately I’m the only one reading it – until of course they are put in a museum in hundreds of years time, and you have to think of those poor souls reading the mad rantings of the girl who wrote about her life, way back in the year 2012!). I started putting “oh my look how much time has passed blah blah blah, you know the drill”.

So the blog challenge gives you a reason to show up to the page. It also helps people to develop their blogs by giving people suggestions of things to write about and frequency of posts also helps traffic. PLUS – (see there are so many cool reasons to do this!) you also get to hook up with all the other fabulous bloggers taking part. You gain new followers (hopefully), you get to see what else is out there and they, in turn, find you! So, for one month at least, you are not just talking to yourself…

If you want to take part in the challenge it’s not too late! Oh NO.. sign up now and write some blog posts to catch up… or do a whole batch and set the publish dates from the 1st of October. It’s like being Dr Who – we can go back in time and post them from the start!

You up for it? Go to http://ultimateblogchallenge.com/ and sign up now.. (shh.. I wrote this on the 4th but published it for the 2nd because I started late too… don’t tell anyone! :D) Happy Blogging!


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