UBC Day 5 – “Depression Friendly” Greeting cards.

Next week – the 10th of October – is WORLD Mental Health day and I usually do some kind of event to celebrate! Instead of putting myself through all the stress and getting ill myself as a result – last year I decided that enough was now being done in the area so I didn’t organise anything, and now that Moulding Futures is quite a different organisation – (starting as an awareness organisation which evolved into delivering life-changing positive, fun and healthy workshops, programmes and sessions) – I’m not doing an event this year either. There is no need. One of the reasons I organised Make It Mental in 2009 was because there was nothing like it in the town. I went into the shopping centre and there was no mention of this WORLD celebration. Make it Mental soon changed that – it ran for two years and the third year we launched the Share A Smile campaign glad that the North Essex Mental Health Foundation Partnership Trust (NEMHFPT as it’s a bit of a mouthful) had followed suit, upped its game and had started to make a big thing of the day at last!

THIS year – I want to do SOMETHING though. I’m already organising a fundraiser for our Giggle 4 Gold project in November, Taking part in the Rochford Art trail and delivering Giggle Workshops… I can’t really do an event for this too.

BUT what I will do is promote the “Depression Friendly” Greeting cards that I made a couple of years ago… while also raising money for our dementia project.

These cards were designed because research showed that people were less likely to send someone with depression a card during their illness.

I wrote several verses that I thought were appropriate for these times and designed some images too.

One card reads:

“I don’t know what you’re going through,

But one thing’s for sure; I care about you,

And when you’re ready and need an ear,

Or maybe a shoulder to shed a tear,

I’ll be here to help you through

The Kettles on Standby ready for a brew.

There are four different designs all containing different verse along the same lines. You can see images of them all at the Etsy shop where they can be ordered. All monies from these will go to our Giggle 4 Gold project – using laughter, creativity and play to benefit people living with dementia.

4 thoughts on “UBC Day 5 – “Depression Friendly” Greeting cards.

  1. I love the fact you do these cards. Having mental health issues in my own family I know how much this kind of illness can be ignored because people don’t know what to say. You are an inspiration Tracy!

  2. That is brilliant idea! As someone who works with people dealing with stress, depression and loss, cards like these will be greatly appreciated from BOTH the sender who is at a loss of what to do for someone they care about AND the recipient who often feels they need to hide themselves because the world would not understand.

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