The Tiny Trail goes to Rochford (post No 9)

Last year, in the run up to the Chelmsford Art Trail, I was asked by the organisers to think up something we could do for children to encourage them (and ultimately drag any of their adult parent-folk along) round the trail to have a look at the art on display. The Tiny Trail For Little Legs was thus born! I decided to make some “cork scenes” and we placed them in some of the shops who were taking part in the big people trail. It all went a bit strange in our house as everything small became something I might be able to use in a scene. The scenes were made in shoe boxes, and follow the adventures of a little fella called Tubby (aka Chris Pegley – my other half). He is known as “Tubby One” and earlier last year I made him a TShirt with a cartoon version of him and one of Yoda from Star Wars (I know it’s hard to believe but thought I’d add that in case people don’t know who Yoda is). Yoda says to Tubby – “Mmmm Tubby One you are” then another bubble says “The waist is large on this one”. Chris thought it was hilarious (we had said this before).

So while making the cork scenes I thought it would be really fun to print out lots of tiny graphics of the tshirt design and make little cork versions of him. It’s not hard. No hair, ginger beard and his tshirt and it’s like he is looking in a mirror! 😀 He did however find it quite disturbing to find 12 miniature cork versions of himself all lined up when he came round that night. I wanted to put one in each scene to make them a bit more fun, which was a great success.

Tubby has now gone off to Rochford this week and can be found in 14 scenes in shops all over the town. I made 3 new scenes especially for them including a Henry the VIII scene because of his history in the Town, where he met Ann Boleyn.

You can check out the adventures of Tubby from now until Saturday the 3rd November. Children have to find all of the scenes (with the help of little clues), write down the name of each scene and the shop it was in and then will receive a sticker and also be entered into a draw to win an art book. The entry forms can be picked up from Rochford District Council offices or Rochford Library (which is where the trail starts) and they will both also have stickers for the filled in forms at the end. It is great fun, the kids will love it and it’s FREE!

Here is a sneek from one of the new scenes:

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