Blog Giveaway! What would your life strap-line be?

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I’ve been the founder of two community organisations, and for both I had to think up mission statements and strap-lines to sum up the purpose and ethos of the group was about.

Our strapline for Moulding Futures is quite simple – “Challenge Stigma: Open Minds…because we believe in individuality.”  This organisation has now evolved quite a lot since it was first started so I’ve been thinking of changing our marketing to better reflect what we have become. We now focus on positive emotional well-being through our Giggle Together Project.

So while I’ve been thinking of this I thought it might be fun to think about what my own strap-line would be. This is one that I’ve used on my Facebook page in the past.

I thought this would be quite a fun challenge – for you to think of your own life strap-lines.  Think of how you would sum up you in one sentence and post it in the comments below.  I’ll pick a winner and make a small wall hanging piece of artwork using your strapline.  I’ll then send it to you in the post!  You can hang it up as a reminder if you like!

The thing I love about this exercise is that it gets you really thinking about what you want to do, or be in this life, right now, in this moment.

Have fun! Add your comment below and become a follower/sign up  and I’ll contact you when I pick a winner – on the 1st of November.


30 thoughts on “Blog Giveaway! What would your life strap-line be?

  1. A rich life doesn’t have to revolve around material things, it revolves around people. And I have been very lucky to have met some wonderful people.

  2. Don’t let those who say it can’t be done, stop those who are doing it. Take your future seriously; it’s where you will spend the rest of your life.

  3. -Doubt is nothing but unintended motivation-
    -In honest imperfection, true beauty is found-
    -Obstacles are stepping stones, as fences are filters-


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