It was My Birthday!

I realised today that I’ve had a birthday this month but I didn’t have time to share the best bits. I’ll keep it brief, no one likes to plough through photographs of people they don’t know… so here are the highlights.

Awesome presents (including a new camera from my wonderful boyfriend!), cool birthday cake: (I may be 38 but I do still love to blow out the candles!)








AND this year I had a very wonderful card from my boyfriend with Wonder Woman on the front – YAY, very touching words inside AND I also got this from the kids:







It was from both of them together! For those of you know won’t know this – Bluebell is my boyfriends 5 year old little girl and Jamie is my 10 year old little (actually fairly large now) boy. Jamie is Autistic, has ADHD and also Sensory Processing Disorder and has come on leaps and bounds with his writing and reading this year. I’m so proud of them both for writing their names in my card. Bluebell is inevitably going to over take him (if she hasn’t already) which I know is going to be quite hard but I’m just so proud to have this card!


Another great birthday – tick!


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