International Day for People with Disabilities (IDPwD) Event 2012

I have the pleasure of being involved in this years IDPwD event and I’m really looking forward to it.

The event is going to be held at Anglia Ruskin University on the 1st of December between 10am and 4pm. During that time there is going to be a whole host of activities going on – including two Giggle Together Sessions!

The event is free of charge and anyone is able to come along. I’ll be delivering a workshop at 12.15pm to book and also one at 2.45pm to book on to this one.

Both sessions will be a one hour introduction to the world of Giggle Workshops – a one hour energy booster and stress reliever. They are so much fun and really quite good for you!

Also in celebration of IDPwD the event hosts an Art Gallery to celebrate the creativity, diversity and the story of disability. The art section will showcase a collection of poetry, film, photography, sculpture, paintings and story telling from a whole host of amazing artists. I will be contributing to this section – well it would’ve been rude not to really. On display will be my tactile abstract piece called Inside My Mind. In this painting I have tried to show what it is like to have bipolar disorder using texture as well as colour so that those with visual disabilities are included in the world of art as they are able to feel the emotional states. Also in the show will be my figurines from the series called “My Journey”. I’ve even got some poetry and a photograph on show too!

The Art and Photography section of the event will be open to the public from the 9th of November right up until the official event on the 1st of December.



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