Themes for the week.

I decided to take some time out today (as I was in quite a bit of pain), so took my journal/idea book/best friend with me to good old McDonalds (not the farmer obviously) and treated myself to a breakfast. While I was sitting there I started to doodle with my words and thought of how inspiring having a day theme would be – much like this weeks Wordless Wednesday. I used to have McDonalds Mondays which was my time to sit with my journal and be around people – with the added bonus of a Sausage McMuffin. We also do this over at where we have something going on everyday.

So today I came up with some themes for my own week (not food based this time) too:

Manic Mondays

Twitter Tuesday

Wordless Wednesdays

Thoughtful Thursdays

Frivolous Fridays

Sensible Saturdays

Sat-in-a-heap-on-the-floor Sundays

What I do on these days will remain to be seen but I think it will be fun! 😀





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