Problems with Procrastination?

Do you find you get to the end of the day and you haven’t achieved what you wanted?

Do you try making lists of things to do but this doesn’t help?

Do you tend to do anything and everything BUT what is on your To Do list?

Would you like to find out the secrets to overcoming chronic procrastination?

Yep – me too! I’ve had it on my to do list for months now but it just doesn’t seem to get done. Maybe if you can find out you can let me know?

If this USED to be you – how did you overcome it?


5 thoughts on “Problems with Procrastination?

  1. Ha ha. Loved this, Tracy! Thought you were going to give us the benefit of your wisdom there. But I’m just dropping by to say: I’m right there with you!!

  2. Thanks, Tracy. Funny video. I was waiting for some comments about procrastination. I thought SOMEONE would say it, so let me be the first. “I was going to procrastinate today, but I’m putting it off until tomorrow.

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