Sensible Saturday – Ah things change…

A few days ago I came up with themes for each day of the week and Saturdays became Sensible Saturdays. Now this weekend Jamie (my 10 year old autistic son) went away with my parents. Now I remember, not so long ago actually, finding myself with a weekend off and they would end up being far from sensible. Alcohol would play quite a large part in whatever I did – just because I could. In fact I would try to do as many things that I wouldn’t normally be able to do with Jamie. It actually leaves quite a long list. Leaving the house, for instance. Yes Jamie would rather stay in most of the time so during school holidays we don’t really get out much. While he’s away I used to be out as much as possible.

THIS year seemed to be quite different. Sensible it was… although we did get out. It was the day we went to see my Nan but before our visit to her we pretty much got on with jobs like washing!! I know.. sensible!  We did go to Pizza Hut in Harlow after a quick dash there to pick up a webcam – getting ready for the live demo. In Pizza Hut I got quite hyper – probably because I was out – without the stress of going somewhere like that with Jamie. It’s quite a different experience. Then we went and visited my Nan…. (as she was turning 99 the day after).

There was no hang over Sunday morning. There was still money in my purse, and there was a vomit-free bathroom/living room/kitchen/bedroom – well whole house really, to wake up to.

Oh how things have changed in such a short time. I guess that’s what happens when you find a bloke and lose contact with all your clubbing friends. I didn’t mind. It was quite refreshing to be honest.


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