No Such Thing As OLD AGE?

This is my Nan – or Nanny Dolly as I like to call her. She is my Dad’s Mum, and this was taken yesterday (27th October 2012). Today is her birthday and she turned… 99!!!!

The last time I saw her was a few years ago. She’d had a fall and the family had been called because she had broken her back, causing all sorts of problems, so they didn’t think she would make it to the end of the week.

Nanny Dolly was born in 1917 and when she was just 6 years old her Mum died of breast cancer. Her Dad’s sister Rose stepped in and took on the role of her Mum. Aunt Rose lived until she was 96! Nanny Dolly has 4 sons, 9 Grandchildren, 15 Great grandchildren, and 1 Great great-grandchild, with another on the way… (I think that is everyone but there may be more – I’ve lost count!).

Nan was married to my Grandad Archie for 60 years! He passed away the year after their anniversary.. but she found love once again and remarried at the ripe age of 84, she didn’t even have to change her name because he was also a Smith. Unfortunately their marriage was short-lived when her Timmy passed away just 4 years after their wedding but she is thankful for the time that they had together.

Nan is an amazing woman. She is still so full of energy, laughter (always laughter as she has an amazing sense of humour). She was told she had cancer when she was 92 – they took it out and as you can see she was far from not making it through the night 2 years ago after her fall.

My Nan refuses to have a zimmerframe – “What do you think I am? Old?” is her response to the suggestion. She is still independently living in her house with the help of my Aunt who lives just up the road from her. She says “Old age? What’s that? There’s no such thing as old age so don’t know what everyone’s talking about!” and I think THAT is what has kept her going.

She said she’s got to go and have an operation on her eye in a few months – but then added “I told them not to worry – I’ll probably be popped off by then!” and she laughs. Her mischief shining through still at the age of 99. Makes me realise how much I miss her and how much more I really should go and see her.

So this post is for Nan – (although she doesn’t have a computer of course but did point out “I’ve got one of those CD thingies though!!!) Happy 99th Birthday!!! You ROCK!


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