Remembering a Loved One… On his birthday

Today is the birthday of Robin Nixon, who is sadly no longer with us. Birthdays seem to hold much more significance once someone has passed away. I know Robin wasn’t keen on birthdays. Actually I once planned a surprise at our local pub, with a big birthday card, a cake with a candle for each year (3o/31 I can’t remember) and he said it “was the worst birthday I’ve ever had”.  He didn’t really like Christmas either really. I remember when we were a couple, I sent Christmas cards to all of the people who lived in the building (a warden controlled building housing disabled people on the ground floor and elderly people on the first floor) thinking I was being friendly and helping him out (he was paralysed from the chest down because of an accident just months before his 21st birthday).  He was not happy! He said it had taken years of not sending them out to finally stop anyone sending him any.

This photograph was taken in the summer – I’m not sure if it’s one from this year but I take one each time I go to his grave. I take a little scarecrow with me, although he is buried in a green burial ground so they only keep them there for a maximum of 7 days.  I took a little crow one just to be different today but forgot my camera/phone to take some photos, although as my boyfriend came with me I was able to take one on his phone but I don’t have it yet and I wanted to write this so I’ll have to post that another time.

I have such wonderful memories of our friendship and feel very grateful that we were such good friends for so long, especially after splitting up as a couple. I’m also pleased that I have so many memories that outweigh any of the bad times (because of course we wouldn’t be human if it had all been roses).

Happy Birthday bestie! Miss you SO much and will never forget you! x


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