Taking Part in PiBoIdMo… 2012

This year I was going to take part in the Novel Writing challenge but then I even laughed, shook my own head at myself and had to do a bit of tutting. Not really much point in me signing up to something like that really – especially not with everything else I have to do in November! So one reality check later and I decided that I’d sign up for PiBoIdMo instead. This stands for Picture Book Idea Month. I am great at coming up with ideas – well perhaps not when taking part in a challenge depending on it but we’ll see.

You’ll find a little image down the left hand side of my blog with this years logo. If you would like more details just click on there and you’ll be whisked away to Tara Lazar’s blog. She is the genius behind this little challenge.

During the month of November you will receive blog posts to get those idea cogs turning. Keep the ideas in a lovely journal, make notes from the blog posts and you’ll be away! As it’s a picture book you can sketch ideas, come up with new characters, think up an idea for your first ever Picture book (in my case anyway).

One of my MUST DOs for 2013 is to write a book and I already have an idea for one of them, and I’d love to write and illustrate a childrens book too so this is going to be a very helpful month. Unlike this blogging challenge (I really don’t think I’m going to make it to be honest), this challenge is something that I will actually be able to achieve – I think…. I hope… no I know!

Going to set aside some time to read the posts, make notes and jot down ideas. I’ve already got quite a few whizzing around!


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