My Happy Place..

I’ve always loved swings. Even now, if I get the chance (and am able to squeeze my rather large behind into one) I like to have a little swing.

I heard a while ago that the local park, just behind Jamie’s school is going to be closing. It’s such a shame when the council take away provision like swings, slides etc.

Are we really such an anti-youth society that we can no longer see the benefit of having a park? Even if young people do meet up there at night (with all of the local youth services closing who can blame them and they will still meet, swings or no swings), what about the younger ones who use it during the day???

The particular park I’ve heard this about has a really wide slide which meant that even with my big bottom, Jamie and I were able to go down, side by side and had a whale of a time there when he was younger.

Shame on councils who take away youth services and children’s park equipment! Swings are my happy place!


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