Swapping on CraftyLink.com

We are now swapping at CraftyLink.com!

Come over to the site http://www.craftylink.com and join. We are a community of crafters from all over the world. There are live demos, video tutorials, reviews, blogs by the design team and so much more. Now we are also going to start swapping. To swap with other members of craftylink you would first need to come over and join. It is totally free! Once you are a member you will be able to access different areas of the community. Some of the classes do require payment BUT the beauty of this craft network is that you get so much for free and the extra classes are just a bonus if you want to pay for them.

Sign up, create an account then pop along to the Swap and Exchange group under “Groups and Classes”. You’ll also need to sign up to www.swap-bot.com which is also free.  Our group can be found here: http://www.swap-bot.com/group/5a4b06971a1f05e87a39b702f5d731f2/about there is a typo on the name at the moment but I am trying to change that. That’ll teach me!

Why do you need to sign up there aswell?

We wanted to organise swaps within our community of members but to do this independently would be far too much work so we decided to use swap-bot, where you can host swaps of all kinds, join groups for your specific interest and swap all kinds of things from tea bags, to stickers, Postcards, ATCs, letters and on and on – there are so many to choose from. The system sets partners at the click of a button which makes hosting swaps fairly painless.

I love swapping. I get such a buzz when I send something off to someone and equally love receiving interesting post through my door.

What swaps will we be hosting?

Each month there will be a swap set up with the sign up deadline of the 1st day of the month. The mail deadline will be the last day of the month – this is the date you must get your swap in the post by. It counts for part of the swap requirement and you may get a poorer rating for your swap if you don’t get it sent off in time, but if you can’t do that you must always email your partner to let them know. You can find out who they are by clicking on the swap and looking at the yellow box to the right. View partners to send to.

Each of our swaps will give you a month to complete and send off your swap.

This month we have an ATC swap and an ornament swap. Sign up for these end by tomorrow (1st November) so take a look and get signed up asap!


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