First Live Demo – CHECK!

So I finally got to do my first ever live demo on yesterday! If you had seen me before you would never have believed that I actually get up on stage as a stand up comic and tell jokes I’ve written about my personal life around London. I was a nervous wreck with the bladder the size of a drunk grandma.

Why was I so nervous? My inner-critic showed an appearance at the last minute telling me I was a fool to think I could do it. That annoying voice told me that what I was about to make was silly, rubbish – that no one would actually think I was an artist…I had no talent etc.. You know the drill. Well I showed that voice. Who cares? I told it. I LOVE creating, it makes me smile, it brings me joy and at the end of the day, if I am having fun then I’m sure someone, somewhere will also have fun watching.

You can see the replay of my first live show here: I had a few technical problems in my studio so had to move it all to my desktop computer at my desk, (at the last minute so I had to quickly make room by scooping everything onto the floor). There is no sound at the start but that get’s sorted out with the help of my lovely Design Team friends and then I shared what I do with little jars.. large jars – it all went a little jar crazy and….. I LOVED IT! 😀

Thank you to and everyone who came to watch – all very very supportive. I can’t wait for my next one which will be on the 4th of December but there are live demos every tuesday.


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