Making my Tribute to Susan Jeffers

Tribute to Susan Jeffers.

Susan Jeffers Tribute

At the end of October this year Susan Jeffers – crowned by some as “The Queen of Self-help” sadly passed away. She wrote several self-help books including; “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” and “End The struggle and Dance with Life”. She taught me to stop stressing and worrying about things that were out of my control. She taught me to believe in the universe and that everything happens for a reason. She has been a huge inspiration (read the full story about why here) and also a supporter of the events I’ve put on, donating both money and books.

I wanted to do something for her when I heard of her passing – and only wish I’d known she had been so ill so I would’ve made her something while she was still here. I hosted a Tribute to Susan Jeffers swap and although only 3 of us took part it was lovely to do.

I made a mini zine to show how I made mine, also for a swap. If you wish to make this into a zine print it at A4 and follow this link for folding instructions. 

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