Art Journalling – When is a page complete?

Unlike my written journals, with each entry starting “Wow, has it been that long since my last entry? Doesn’t time fly.. blah blah” and ending “Until next time! T x”, art journal pages have a far less confined beginning and end. A page has a journey as unique as the journey we are recording and this is ONE of the things I love about them.

I am a journal addict. I love notebooks and so end up buying them, making them – very rarely actually filling one but I’m sure I am not alone in this little fetish! I did actually finish a whole notebook last month full of my comedy writing! Yay! So proud! Stand up comedy requires so much writing. Pages and pages and pages of wonderfully therapeutic writing to then mould into something that will hopefully make people laugh and if that fails at least my notebooks get filled. My ambition is complete. I have completed many a journal – eventually over many years, but with blogs, sketchbooks, art journals and life, I’ve ground to a halt with my written journal (I think the posh silky, large, hardback style book had something to do with this too – hardly the sort of thing you can pop in your handbag or take out in Starbucks – although I have… ).

I have a book for doodles, notes, sketches, anything really – in a handy A6 book that fits nicely in my bag. I’ve already filled one of these – it became the birthplace of my illustration and art journal style of expression. I also have a hardback sketchbook, and some small blank books I made myself – each for something specific with fewer pages.

I also recently altered a Moleskine sketchbook. This is my actual art journal full of luscious layers, lettering, glitter (got to have some glitter!) and drawing.  I started playing with backgrounds, preparing a number of pages with little idea of what I’d do with each. I wanted to have some prepared so that I could then add to them without the need for paints, glue etc. So much fun!! I absolutely loved making a mess on the pages, creating different looks, playing with paper, colour and texture (with a temporary bout of obsessive  marbling..if it was in arms reach it got covered!).

I started completing the pages within, thinking they were finished. WRONG! There was still more to be done! You will know when a page is complete, and at the end of the day there are no mistakes or rules to art journals. Not really.

This week, while suffering with a very “Man Flu” strain of cold, with tissue twisted up each nostril to stop it running all over the place, I got bored and wanted to work on my book. I’ve found that with writing, art and anything really – a bit of space can change perspective and allow us to see things differently. So I added to a few pages I thought were finished and completed a page I had prepared in the studio but hadn’t had the time to work on:  Here are three of the pages I’ve worked on – the silver lining of being ill with flu. It’s a real shame the twisted tissue up nostril look isn’t more acceptable in society really. Achew! Achew! Achew! Achew! – sorry, bless me…. time for Lemsip!

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4 thoughts on “Art Journalling – When is a page complete?

  1. Hi Tracy,
    Sorry you’ve been sick, but I see you got alot accomplished! I enjoyed seeing your before and after pics and especially liked the Can I Cope? page. Your background was very interesting – and observing your process was a great opportunity for me. Thanks for sharing your pages with us. I hope to do some journaling during my Christmas Holidays.

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