Happy New Year 2013! Sorry I’m late…

Hello there, Happy New Year everyone! Just squeezing through… oops, sorry about that – just… sorry I’m late, will just find a seat over here.. pardon me….oops mind your bag… can you move that coat so I can sit down please? Sorry…*rolls eyes* always late…
So yes I am about 5 days late but I’m here now and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wouldn’t it be great if we just said that all year through; HAPPY YEAR! Happy week!

There is something about New year that makes us think we can change – we can conquer all of our fears and phobias, addictions and personality traits we find annoying (realising this is far more annoying for others too).
I guess adding “being more punctual” – “blogging more often” and “getting fit” are out of the window, as I’m already late to blog a Happy New Year message, I’ve already tucked into a Big Tasty this year and well clearly blogging everyday is already out.
THIS year I’m not going to make any resolutions. I gave up nicotine 3 weeks BEFORE Christmas – and was surprised how many people said “Wow well done and before the 1st too!!”

I need to lose weight but I’ve known that for a while. It is more the realisation that it is getting to be a problem that will get me to start a diet – not the 1st of the month. It’s good to have goals and all but why not do it because you want or NEED to? In your own time so that you don’t put yourself into the fight or flight response and ultimately fail within the second week of January?

This year is going to be great, full of opportunity and amazing things! This year is going to be great, full of opportunity and amazing things! Pin that on your notice board!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013! Sorry I’m late…

  1. Tracy I gave resolutions years ago, because like you I discovered that I quickly broke it, then I would be disappointed in myself. I have found that you have to do things because you really want to or you will not succeed. Until I really wanted to quit smoking, I couldn’t. Happy to say I’ve been nicotine free for over 7 years now. I agree 2013 is going to be amazing.

    • Well done on quitting for 7 years!! WOW! Congratulations. Thank you for your comment – here is to 2013. (Mary I haven’t forgotton your prize but have been a bit poorly so going to make them next week).

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