If I Were 5 Again…

Okay so for my Tuesday Schmoozeday show at http://www.craftylink.com I started the journal page for our journal swap (you are given two prompts to choose from and one swap partner, you create your page and send it off and by the end of it we will be binding a journal of other peoples pages – it’s the sign up deadline for this today so go over to http://www.craftylink.com then go to the “groups and Classes” section and find “swaps and exchanges for more details”. Our swaps are done through http://www.swap-bot.com so you will need an account with them also BUT it is ALL free – both are so come and join us).
I set the prompts this month as “If I were 5 again” OR “This year I will” and I’m also going to do these in my own journal for myself.

I started my page again after my live show – it wasn’t really working for me during the live recording so I started again. I wasn’t really sure where I would fit the poem I had written but I like the way it has turned out – now the hard part…. putting it in an envelope and sending it away. πŸ˜€


If I were 5 Again

If I were 5, I’d play in the mud,

I’d climb all the trees and fall with a thud,

I’d make lots of mess as I play with my Art,

I’d say “pull my finger” then let out a fart.

If I were 5 again, I’d have lots of fun,

I’d smile more for photos and play in the sun.

I’d laugh more, smile more; be A CHILD!

I’d run around screaming pretending I’m wild.

I’d know its not my fault, that I AM good enough.

That I’m more like a boy and like to play rough.

And I may be older and had years to wait,

But nothings stopping me now, being 5 at 38!

By Tracy Shave

What would you do if you were 5 again?


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