Art Journalling Playtime

Oh my word! I have just had so much fun getting messy with paint and glue today!
I have messy hands, and glue to peel off! (it’s one of those things you never grow out of, FUN! Yay!)
I worked on a couple of pages today – and recorded the process – (I’ll be editing these over the weekend – I may have to fight for the computer from my son but a fight will be had if need be – I want to COMPLETE the videos I already have waiting to be edited).

Art journalling is so much fun and gives you freedom to just play with paint, get your fingers messy and, for me anyway, is a kind of meditation. I’m starting to get the hang of the pages being less about art and more about the process. Some pages will be more about the writing, and some will be more about creating art whereas sometimes I just want to fill some pages with scribbles and it’s my book – so I can… NER!

I’ve completed two pages today – both quite different from each other.

I’ve seen people talk about their “one word for the year” and decided it was about time I thought about mine. One word to live by this year. Chaos did come to mind immediately but that’s not really something to aspire to. I thought about the things I think about at the end of the year and that lightbulb appeared over my head! COMPLETE is my word for 2013. I want to feel complete, complete projects, complete artwork, complete videos, complete (okay well at least start) work for a book… I came to this conclusion WHILE I was working on this page. The theme choices for our journal swap this month were “If I were 5 again” and also “This year I will”. I did the 5 one for my swap partner and chose the latter for my own journal:
I also saw a post-it note on the following page that read “Depression”. When I started this journal I wrote different words I wanted to do pages on and just stuck them to pages, although I’ve not really stuck to them. I did want to do something for depression but didn’t want to stay there too long as I don’t want to pull myself there to I did this page which didn’t take me very long. It’s there but I didn’t immerse myself in it so I got in and out as fast as possible (bit like the crystal maze).

I’m sure I’ll do some more over the weekend – whether I film the process or not I don’t know!

What is your ONE WORD for 2013?

One thought on “Art Journalling Playtime

  1. Hi, Tracy! I think this is a great project and it looks like you had great fun! I’m not able to do a journal page this morning due to needing my space for the next step of a couple of projects but I liked thinking up my word anyway and it’s FORWARD. (or I suppose it could’ve been motivation but not the first word, which I like to stick to). I’m just so tremendously tired of getting stuck in those stupid ruts of self pity! I’m tired of wasting my time stuck in stupid that I eventually realize were really meaningless and a waste! My year to learn to keep moving FORWARD!

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