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A month or so ago I decided it was about time I started a “like” page dedicated to my art and creativity. I have this blog, a website (www.tracyshave.co.uk) and I’m also part of the Design Team over at http://www.craftylink.com so thought it would be wise to have a central place on facebook. On my own profile I can get quite political, I rar about the process I’m currently going through trying to get my son into a special Secondary School, I will share (probably far too much) snippets of how I’m feeling etc. I thought people who were interested in my art, comedy (although I do have one for that aswell) photography etc would prefer to bypass all of that so I set up http://www.facebook.com/tracyshavecreates.
It’s strange asking people to “like” me. I tend to feel like a little girl in the playground again begging people to be my friend. 😀
I have 199 “likes” or at least people who have obliged when I’ve asked. It was really fast to start with – although I think that is because obviously I was telling people about it. Up it crept and I had a prize when we got to 100 (which reminds me, I must send my prizes out this week!).
This page is where I’m going to share information about courses, tutorials, live shows etc that I’ll be doing over at craftylink and I also like to share my art. I love to inspire others and the course I’m working on at the moment will be a great resource for everyone – whether an artisan or not.

We are also having our own areas on Craftylink which are our “student unions” where our fans and students can all talk together about the courses they are working on, the artwork, the live shows etc etc and we were asked to name our areas. I’m calling mine Tracy’s Artsy Fartsy Club because I do a lot of work around finding your creativity through play so it was appropriate for the courses I am currently working on.

So as a little girl in the playground once said “will you come and like me?” – I hope to inspire and energize the people who do! Come and like my page and add your page in the comments below…

Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Facebook “Like” Page

  1. Tracy,
    I not only “like” you, I love your spirit, your creativity, and how enthusiastically you seem to approach everything you do. I’m so grateful you created the badge for Courageous Confessional Blog Award. Now I just need to get it out to more people. lol.

    Good luck!


      • Cool. I think the Ultimate Blog Challenge occupied way too much of my energy. I loved all the reading, commenting, and connecting with new people, but I think I’ll make this my last one…we’ll see when April comes around, lol.

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