Week Long Facebook and TV Ban…

newme This week I have set myself the challenge to stay away from facebook and the TV for a whole week! (I’m already wondering if I can reduce this to mean 5 days… does it include the weekend I wonder? My challenge; my Rules!!).
The purpose of this challenge is because I want to ideally stay away from the computer altogether – I’ve not done so well today as I had to look for an address this morning and had other things that needed to be done quite urgently requiring the computer. I have managed to stay away from facebook though and the TV sits quietly in the living room. What I have done is text my boyfriend a lot more… and when I got the urge to share on facebook I wrote it down instead – There are lots… more so because I’m not allowed.
It’s a bit like when we go on a diet isn’t it. As soon as someone tells you it’s forbidden our inner teenager rips away the skin and jumps out with the finger and a few “you can’t stop me!!” yells of defiance.
I’m expecting this will get easier as the week goes on… but I may well be even more insane than usual by the end of it! Poor facebook will be wondering how I’m doing… So far in my little book I have 11 status updates… Aren’t you all lucky you missed them all!
I’ll be painting something I’m working on tonight and tomorrow the computer is staying OFF!! (oh okay then if you insist I’ll come and talk to you if I must!!). (no not really!).
(I can’t add this to the Ultimate Blog Challenge facebook page because I’m not going on facebook so if you are taking part do please add this… Thank you – I’ll catch up with others blogs next week).

Have you ever given up TV or the computer for a whole week?

10 thoughts on “Week Long Facebook and TV Ban…

  1. I’ve never gone off the computer or Facebook for a week because it’s my business. However, I do from time-to-time ban computer games and tv from my life. I do also try to have computer-free weekends. When I take an entire weekend or even a day and get away from work, I find I’m more refreshed.

    • I know what you mean – this break is because I go there initially for work or to see if I have any more “likes” and end up being sucked in. I have lots of filming to do this week so decided to take a week “off” – although I’m still coming to check emails and here so it’s not a complete computer cull. I’ve done loads without facebook! Far more than I actually get out of being there…

    • Thank you! Being away from facebook is getting easier. I’ve limited the computer time to just here and email check just so I don’t miss anything urgent then it’s off! I had forgotten it was tuesday schmoozeday at Craftylink yesterday so didn’t get a day off… maybe friday?

  2. When I first bought my house, I didn’t have cable ergo no TV for 8 months. It was wonderfully freeing ~ I read more, went for more leisurely walks, wrote. It made me feel like I was living in a simpler time!

    • Hiya Laura – yes I have managed it before when I didn’t actually have it – that was easier… I got used to it very quickly and because of my art I always had other things to do. Luckily I only watch TV programmes I record and limit myself anyway so I can watch them next week. 😀

  3. Hi, what a challenge! Actually, I haven’t been able to give it up for a whole week because of my business and not having the “right” person to run the business while I am away but I just came back from a Mastermind session where I didn’t touch my computer for four days and it was awesome! My goal this summer is to do it for two weeks! Good luck for your 5 or 7 days. I wish I could!

    • Not sure I could do it for 2 weeks! Facebook is easier to give up than I thought – although I am still writing status updates in a notebook instead. It’s like a log of my random thoughts. Thank you for commenting! Good luck with your challenge in the summer!

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