Valentine Message Jar

For this weeks live show for Tuesday Schmoozeday over at I decided to make something with a valentine’s day theme; so I made a jar! I love jars. Okay so I have a bit of an obcession with keeping jars (possibly not healthy but hey… I eat Pizza too! :D).  I’m not sure what it is about jars that I love so much but I just hate the idea of throwing them out – “Just in case”. Firstly I use them for keeping water in for my brushes – but I always like unusual shapes and absolutely adore the tiny ones you get with your Tiptree (which is up the road from me) jams at breakfast in hotels (which is what I used in my “Tracy Goes Jar Crazy” show.

So for this week I popped to TKmax to replace a jar that I’d actually bought but had smashed in the garden. Why was it in the garden? Well I’m running out of room to store my jars so I figured I could just put them outside but the snow and cold weather was quite unkind to my jar. 😦 They didn’t have the one I wanted but I found some with a heart on!!! As my show had a valentine theme I just had to get them!

I decided that a message jar might be a fun thing to make. Now these are great for yourself, for a loved one as a present OR you can also make one about a loved one who is no longer with us. I had a centrepiece in the jar of a rose which I made out of Polymer Clay – so during the demo I show how to make that too!

Pop over to the replay to find out how to make them here: and here are some photographs too.

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