A New Chapter for the Artsy Fartsy Club.

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My Artsy Fartsy Club started live over at Craftylink but as I am no longer one of the Design Team over there, we will have to move.  At the moment most of the activity for this “club” is happening on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tracyshavecreates – although this is a page that started out as a place for people to just pop by and click “like”. I’m not sure if everyone sees the feeds on pages like this, and long term I think we’ll need something more. So what is the Artsy Fartsy Club? Here’s the description for you:

“Please be aware – or BEWARE perhaps – that this group will be a mix of the more serious art, with projects, challenges etc but we will also be quite silly too.
I’m working on some courses that will be made available soon for those of you who want a deeper experience, but I’ll also share when I can. I’m going to be holding a monthly Live show and also watch out for any shows that pop up when I can get here.
Mostly this is all about FUN though – silliness and giving yourself permission to let go.. I’ll show you how. I will often look quite silly – and will get you to do silly things but just remember no one can see you, so it’s just me who will look silly.
I’ll add more to this group when I can but for now put on some silly socks and count yourselves part of this silly club. :D”

We had our first independent live show on Wednesday night and it was really AMAZEBALLS to see everyone! I had lots of fun chatting, laughing and having some playtime, and I know the attendees did too from the feedback I’ve had. To be invited to future shows you will need to come over and follow me at spreecast http://www.spreecast.com/users/tracy–41. (and the 41 part is not my age hee hee!). You will also have to say you are attending in the events over at the facebook page otherwise you won’t have access to the show.

All videos, classes, courses etc will be advertised here in the category Tracy’s Artsy Fartsy Club up above and when I’ve set up where these will live I will share details.  Anyone who was interested in attending my courses etc will still be able to join and of course new people are welcome.

I have quite firm beliefs about how I want to be as an artist and how I want to share this with others and this is the best way forward for me. I will always stay true to myself and what I believe in. I will be honest if you ask for help with your artwork (and you can do this over at the group),  I will be non-judgemental ALWAYS in every way.
I want to provide fun, interactive shows, that will enhance your well being as well as your creative mind.

The facebook profile account that was shared is my personal one and so you will get all sorts of roller coaster status updates there – do pop over to the page http://www.facebook.com/tracyshavecreates and click like, add it to your news feed and voila!

I’m excited! Are you?


2 thoughts on “A New Chapter for the Artsy Fartsy Club.

  1. Sorry but I will have to leave. I already left the group and all at Things Crafty. I’m in the middle of writing a book and doing mega amounts of things in my art and home. Haven’t even been on FB for more than a month. Good luck to you!

    • Good luck with your book Juliana – and Thank you for the message! Also well done on staying away from facebook. I did it for a week and also realised how much I am there. The facebook solution is a temporary one though – until I set up the new wordpress site. Do stay in touch and take care!

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