The Jamie Shave Show – New Video

My son is a MASSIVE fan of reviewers and collectors of action figures etc, found over at youtube. A long time ago I realised that Jamie had a gift for the camera. I started recording him when he was younger, like so many parents do, but when he realised I was recording he started to change and turn into a presenter. This is when “The Jamie Shave Show” began. It gives him such a boost when the kids at school tell him that they have watched his show, and some of them are just me recording him or him talking to his actual “fans”. He’s now becoming more aware of the number of views and I’m sure Pixel Dan gets them in the thousands… I’d like you to help build my sons confidence by watching this latest episode and perhaps adding a comment in Youtube. You don’t have to watch the whole thing – although he is hilarious so you might want to, but if you don’t have time don’t worry. I’d just like to try to get people to see his show, so he then wants to make more as it does wonders for his self-esteem. He is AWESOME! (does make me chuckle when he says “I am a bit forgetful because I have A.D.H.D. Some of you ladies watching might know what that is”.)

Do watch – I’m so proud and if you can comment and share too that would be AMAZING. THANK YOU! 😀


4 thoughts on “The Jamie Shave Show – New Video

  1. you are such a handsome young man, and I love your voice! you sound wonderful… And I like spiderman also…..The ninja turtles are the coolest turtles ever, dont you think? awsome video Jamie.

  2. What an inspirational, amazing yourg man! I was completely entranced by him from beginning to end x

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