Jamie’s A STAR!

As you’ll know from the last post, Jamie likes to be in front of the camera. I wrote about his video here, over at facebook, in some of the groups I belong to over at facebook and I asked people to watch, share, comment. I also wrote to one of his review idols Pixel Dan and told him all about Jamie. It made my day when he got home from school and he saw just how many views he had (now up to 218!!) and mostly that Pixel Dan had left a comment! I just had to share this moment with you! (I’m not well, house is a mess blah blah – nevermind :D)

Thank you to everyone who made this little boys day. He was a bit distracted by the fact that he thought his package had arrived (ordering things from ebay is always a bit of a nightmare because he can’t deal with waiting). He also didn’t know this was being recorded and there is a difference between when he knows that camera is running, if you’ve seen any of the other videos he has done there you’d have already seen the change. He keeps telling me how he’s now buddies with Pixel Dan and it’s really made his year. I’m sure we’ll have another video of his to share soon!!


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