Dear Richard Littlejohn, here’s some polish for that turd.

Jack Monroe

Dear Richard Littlejohn,
I’ve read your trash non-journalism ‘comment’ piece about me in the Daily Mail this morning – not because it is a newspaper I read, but because a friend forwarded it to me.
Firstly, I have to commend you for managing to get so many facts completely wrong in a comparatively short article. But that’s your style isn’t it – never let the truth get in the way of a good smear campaign, or something like that.
So just in case you wanted to attempt to polish that turd of an article with something that resembles the truth, here’s some of them addressed:
1. I’m not single, I’m getting married in the Spring.
2. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I found it impossible to cover the irregular night shifts thirty miles from home with any form of childcare. Childminders just don’t work all night. My…

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