A Friend, Please?

I sob for my son,
for I know how he feels inside;
always wanting what the other kids have,
a friend to share the ride.
Silenced and withdrawn,
because of one mistake,
and he thinks it can all be made better,
with a big slice of chocolate cake.

Fill the void of loneliness,
while watching from a far,
lonely and heartbroken,
this is sure to leave a scar.
I sob for my son,
for I know just how he feels;
forced to deal with mainstream,
Happy, smiley, child that steals.

One parent.
One mistake not his,
alienated him from everyone
and took away his bliss.
THINK before you act,
and while you’re at it –
why not teach your child to forgive?!

One action. One small thought,
can change a life you see.
And children need compassion,
even with no disability!

AUTISM is in your school, LEARN about it and help your child to be caring, compassionate and UNDERSTANDING… THEY can change the life of a lonely, confused, lost life – a skill that will last them a LIFETIME beyond the french, history or PE they learn.. Luckily mine now goes on to fly with butterfly wings but the scars will last a lifetime… and he now has to learn that being different is okay and not something to fear – now that he fears the other “strange” looking kids in his new school.

Tracy Shave


One thought on “A Friend, Please?

  1. Beautifully said Tracy! Those are powerful and insightful words! i too have a child with Autism(Aspergers Syndrome). He was not diagnosed until 9 years old. He is mainstreamed and it has hurt to see him deal with the bullying etc. My son is now almost 17 and going into his Senior year. His future looks bright and Mama is by his side guiding him when he needs it.
    Check out Autism Centers in your area that offers programs for his age. He can bond with others in his group aside from school. There is a group called CT. Autism Spectrum Resource Center in Wallingford CT, just as FYI…

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